Ring ni Kakero

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The story centers around the life of a young boxer named Ryuuji Takane and his sister Kiku, who is his coach. Ryuuji and his sister both inherited their father's talent for boxing with Ryuuji inheriting his strength and techniques while Kiku picked up his talent for analysis and strategy. In the past, their father was a famous boxer. Ryuuji and Kiku went away from home to train and become famous in order to help their lonely mother. On the way to stardom, they have to defeat the strongest challengers all over the world.

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v.03 c.26c December 23, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.26b December 11, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.26a November 30, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.25 November 19, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.24 October 31, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.23 October 22, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.22 October 6, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.21 September 21, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.20 September 17, 2016 HappyScans!
v.02 c.19 July 18, 2016 HappyScans!

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