Maria no Ketsudan


from hereHis Lady Fair is one of those books one can enjoy on many different levels…a good story with plenty of intrigue, a sensuous and enticing romance and delightful characters. The story revolves around Nicholas Hawken, Lord Kirkham, rogue extraordinaire on the surface and undercover agent for the Crown in their fight against the French. Nicholas is assigned the task of ferreting out spies in the British aristocracy. One search leads him to the Duke of Sterlyng. Nicholas’ cover is to act the disreputable drunkard and womanizer, which allows him to get close to unsuspecting nobles in hopes of learning their secrets. During this search, Nicholas literally bumps into Maria Burton. Maria has recently fled her home, a place where she was relegated to servitude as a result of her bastardy. It seems her mother died in childbirth, and her aunt kept her only as a servant. However, twenty-two year old Maria has just overheard a story that she is the daughter of a duke and an heiress. When her aunt refuses to allow her to seek the truth, she runs away. In the course of running, she is confronted by Nicholas and his “friends,” and so their relationship begins...

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