Cinderella no Butoukai


In the Cinderella no Butoukai series (シンデレラの舞踏会シリーズ):The inspiration behind the Cinderella Ball was simple--come single, leave wed. By midnight perfect strangers could find themselves if by magic!1. Yumemiru Hanayome (夢見る花嫁; Temporary Husband):Wynne Sommers was invited to a wedding -- her own! Wynne Sommers needed a husband to secure her inheritance. She got Jake Hondo! He was a mean, moody rancher who needed to get married, on paper at least. Wynne wasn't his idea of a temporary wife. She was a hopeless romantic, whereas, Jake had his cowboy boots firmly planted in Texas soil! But he couldn't let her marry just anybody. Unfortunately, it was only after they'd wed that Jake discovered Wynne's inheritance wasn't money or land -- but two little boys determined to call him dad!2. Maigo no Glass no Kutsu (迷子のガラスの靴; Accidental Wife):Nikki Ashton was invited to a wedding--her own! To keep her love-struck boss, Eric, at bay, Nikki Ashton had told him she was happily married. The wedding ring had been easy -- all she needed now was a husband! Jonah Alexander seemed heaven-sent. Unfortunately he'd come to the ball to stop a wedding, not start one! He was convinced his brother Eric was about to make the biggest mistake of his life -- marrying Nikki Ashton. But then he realized Nikki wasn't so much waiting for her husband-to-be as shopping for him...3. Hoshi no Kagayaku Yoru ni (星の輝く夜に; Shotgun Marriage):Ella Montague was invited to a wedding -- her own! When Ella Montague's Prince Charming had left her, she lost her faith in fairy tales. But now Rafe Beaumont was back! The Montague's had destroyed his sister's life with their romantic nonsense -- he wanted revenge. He'd marry Ella and break her heart. But once wed, Rafe discovered that marrying Ella hadn't broken her dreams of happily-ever-afters, but restored them! She'd married for love -- now all she had to do was convince her stubborn husband!(info from fictiondb)

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