Mitsuai Celeb


From Intercross:A collection of short stories.1) Friendly Fire by YOKOYAMA MayumiAzusa was recently dumped by her boyfriend, so her best friend, Naoto, tries to cheer her up. However, the following morning Azusa wakes up next to Naoto, naked and covered in kiss marks... What the heck happened!!?!2) B・F Romance by MITSUKI KakoThe first meeting was caused by Misato's hair getting caught on Nagao's button. The second time, coincidentally the same thing happened. A fated meeting with a boy with a hidden secret. 3) Ookamitachi no Shiikuhou by SHIIBA NanaMeguri's parents are overseas so she is entrusted with her new friend's family. She's living together with two bullying brothers in a gorgeous house. And there is only a brief time to be pleased...4) 7 Days by KONNO RisaSatsuki of the track and field club is attracted to Kishimoto-kun, who motivated her to get out of her slump. But he's going to transfer in a week.5) Mikkai Coffee Flavor by MOTOMI KyousukeAyuko ends up taking care of the house on her own on a stormy night. Shouta, who's in the same class as her, ends up coming over, but she was rather unprepared...6) Puchi no Koto by MAME MoyashiIt's a story about the overflowing love and deep emotions between a tiny, overweight rabbit named Petite and Mame Moyashi!!

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v.01 Story 4-6 (end) January 1, 2013 Intercross, Midnight Scans
v.01 Story 3 December 25, 2012 Intercross, Midnight Scans
v.01 Story 2 October 31, 2011 Intercross, Midnight Scans
v.01 Story 1 May 22, 2011 Intercross, Midnight Scans

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