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The Culture Research Club of Yamahoshi Academy. The strange events that befall the five boys and girls there, causing their bodies and souls to be swapped around at random. What can be seen from the viewpoint of the others?

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v.02 c.08 January 22, 2014 Village Idiot
v.02 c.07 November 7, 2013 Village Idiot
v.01 c.06 August 19, 2013 Village Idiot
v.01 c.05 April 27, 2013 Village Idiot
c.04 July 8, 2012 U-Prod Scanlations
c.03 July 8, 2012 U-Prod Scanlations
c.02 July 4, 2012 U-Prod Scanlations
c.01 June 11, 2012 U-Prod Scanlations
c.02 December 5, 2011 Nayuki_Love
c.01 June 18, 2011 Nayuki_Love

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