Naruto dj - Naruto-sensei to Sasuke-kun no Jijou

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1/ 21 year-old, first time student teacher Uzumaki Naruto wants to be liked by all his students. Unfortunately, the class genius, Uchiha Sasuke won't give his teacher the time of day. In an effort to get on the stoic 10 year-old's good side, Naruto goes out of his way to be extra friendly to Sasuke, a plan which, to Naruto's great shock, ends up working a little too well when he finds himself the object of Sasuke's romantic affections!2/ The continuation of the troubled teacher / student relationship. One day Sasuke stands in front of Naruto's door and manages to persuade his teacher into letting him stay over, but Naruto only has one bed so that means they'll have to share the same bed.

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v.02 c.13 September 1, 2011 Utopia
August 31, 2010 Utopia

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