Katteni Kaizo


The story follows the crazy misadventures of Kaizo Katsu, a former child prodigy turned weirdo after his female childhood friend, Umi, kicked him off a jungle gym in the playground, and he got a huge bump in the head. With this set up, Kaizo (believes he is a cyborg) and his classmates, Umi (will go revealing her dark side with every chapter), Suzu, and Chitan (an inferior being?), will treat in every chapter a different topic of life with the hilarious and interesting way of thinking of the author Kumeta. The attacks of different geniuses/weirdos will create a lot of funny situations.Included is a story called Yuuryoubukken Chuukaishimasu (A Brooding, Gloomy Property) in Vol. 13: A young man moves from his hometown to Tokyo to attend university there and looks for cheap accommodation. He does indeed find something, but what is the non-monetary price for this?

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