...Junai no Seinen


Kirishima Kaoru is the representative of the Fujido Groups while Daigo is a young executive of an American corporation. They are business colleagues by day and lovers by night. Although, Kaoru wishes that he could give up his job and indulge himself in sex with Daigo day and night! Unfortunately due to his deep-rooted insecurities, Kaoru continuously tests Daigo's affection through manipulations. And now, Kaoru's previous boss and lover, Ian, wants Kaoru back in his bed. Who will win in the struggle for power and love?The series goes like this:1. Happy Yarou Wedding2. Utsukushiki Kemonotachi.3. ...Virgin Love.4. Toriko ni Natta Kemono5. Junai no Seinen6. Kemono wa Ai de, Iyasareru.7. Playboy Amour- Romance no Kaori8. Oboreru Kemono no Koibito.9. Men's Love- Aikata- Ueta Aikata10. Amaeta Kemono no Shitsukekata11. Torawareta Amai Kemonotachi12. Aikata no Aishikata

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