Fetish (HINO Garasu)


From Blissful Sin* Fetish"I've been watching you from my seat at the back of the classroom. I really want to touch your hair no matter what-!"* One My Star* Torawarebito (Prisoner)* Beautiful DaysReo is an average, hardworking salary-man. He shares an apartment with his boyfriend, Shinri, whose life couldn't be more different than his own. Reo is sick of Shinri's attitude. He is a lazy, demanding man who speaks of little but the filth of the world and the importance of beauty. When two men on different paths find themselves in a relationship which is more straining than nurturing, can it last?* PhotographThe story begins where we left Reo and Shinri from Beautiful Days - each deeply absorbed by their contradictive relationship. Shinri's strong attachment to Reo is unveiled, but is it too late to save their troubled love?* Torawarebito extra * Fetish extra

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v.01 c.03 June 20, 2015 Moi-xRyu Scanlations
v.01 c.01 January 31, 2015 Moi-xRyu Scanlations
Oneshot April 5, 2012 Peek a Yaoi
Oneshot August 19, 2009 Blissful Sin
Oneshot June 18, 2009 Blissful Sin

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