Sukeban Keiji


Saki Asamiya, after being incarcerated in a youth corrections facility, is recruited by a detective named Jin after convincing her that the government could provide clemency for her mother, who was on death row. He trains her to be an undercover youth detective, infiltrating several high schools in Japan to investigate cases of crime, corruption and terrorism in the legend of a high school student

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v.04 c.11 January 7, 2018 HappyScans!
v.04 c.10b May 25, 2017 HappyScans!
v.04 c.10 May 14, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.09 February 12, 2017 HappyScans!
c.08c July 18, 2016 HappyScans!
c.08b May 22, 2016 HappyScans!
v.03 c.08a May 1, 2016 HappyScans!
v.03 c.07c February 23, 2016 HappyScans!
v.03 c.07b December 15, 2015 HappyScans!
v.03 c.07 October 24, 2015 HappyScans!

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