Kyoaku Gakuen


Shadow hand that spreads depravity around the world, we call them archvillains! World crisis, religious conflict, territorial dispute, information control, ero-manga regulations... They are at the root of every major social problem(probably)! This is a story about a dreadful institution, "School of Supreme Evil" that raises archvillains and a police investigator who infiltrated it.

Latest Releases

v.01 c.04 January 12, 2018 qAlt49yU
v.01 c.03 September 1, 2015 Yo Manga
v.01 c.02 September 1, 2015 Yo Manga
v.01 c.01 September 1, 2015 Yo Manga
c.01 July 19, 2015 steel_bun

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