Yuri Danshi


Hanadera Keisuke is obsessed with yuri, and he's read all the Yuri Hime manga. However, he is sadly aware that there is one thing a lesbian romance absolutely does not need-- him. One day, a student named Akane transferred to his class from an all-girls school. She used to go to school with another classmate, Saori, and Akane immediately tried to pick up their friendship. However, her clinginess, desire for alone-time, and intensity all convinced Keisuke that he was finally seeing yuri in reality! Soon enough, Keisuke had stalked them enough to see a love triangle between Saori, newcomer Akane, and their standoffish classmate Matsuoka. Is there truth to his observations, or is he viewing the world through yuri-tinted glasses?

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v.01 c.5.1 May 3, 2017 True Love Translations
v.01 c.4.1 May 3, 2017 True Love Translations
v.01 c.04 December 12, 2016 True Love Translations
v.01 c.03 October 16, 2016 True Love Translations
c.02 September 28, 2015 Yuri Project
c.01 September 28, 2015 Yuri Project

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