Mayonaka no Ariadone


From StarryHeaven:When you have worries, is it about whether or not you are short or about your new class? Those were the problems that normal high school student, Chiyoko, faced. However, one day she meets her childhood friend Chiharu and Chiyoko’s world changed. But when Chiyoko stumbles her way into a secret underground high class club, she is surprised to find the truth…

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v.04 c.15 August 1, 2015 Lovely Strange Dark
v.04 c.14 July 26, 2015 Lovely Strange Dark
v.04 c.13 July 19, 2015 Lovely Strange Dark
v.03 c.12 July 11, 2015 Lovely Strange Dark
v.03 c.11 June 13, 2012 Intercross
v.03 c.10 February 19, 2012 Intercross
v.03 c.09 January 1, 2012 Intercross
v.02 c.08 August 20, 2011 Intercross
v.02 c.07 May 6, 2011 StarryHeaven
v.02 c.06 February 14, 2011 StarryHeaven

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