Flowers of Evil


Se-Joon and Se-Wa are siblings with a dark, complex relationship. Se-Wa, a girl considered psychotic by others, is attached to her brother... a little too attached. In her eyes, there is only Se-Joon, and no one else. And what of Se-Joon's feelings?This manhwa contains incest themes.Title comes from French poet Beaudelaire's compilation of poems, Les Fleurs du mal.

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v.07 c.26 July 4, 2009 NOIR
v.07 c.25 June 28, 2009 NOIR
v.07 c.24 June 27, 2009 NOIR
v.07 c.23 June 15, 2009 NOIR
v.06 c.22 June 13, 2009 NOIR
v.06 c.21 May 24, 2009 NOIR
v.06 c.20 May 17, 2009 NOIR
v.05 c.19 May 9, 2009 NOIR
v.05 c.18 May 1, 2009 NOIR
v.05 c.17 April 26, 2009 NOIR

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