Hoozuki no Reitetsu


Hoozuki is a deputy of Yama, king of Hell and judge of the afterlife and a super "S". This is a daily life of Hoozuki and his people.Note: nominated for the Taishou Manga Awards 2012.

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c.48 July 1, 2017 Shiro Nabi
Extras June 28, 2017 Shiro Nabi
c.47 April 14, 2017 Shiro Nabi
c.46 February 28, 2017 Shiro Nabi
c.45 January 9, 2017 Shiro Nabi
c.153 November 1, 2016 Shiro Nabi
c.44 October 7, 2016 Shiro Nabi
c.30 (v2) September 27, 2016 Helvetica Scans, Shiro Nabi
c.43 September 9, 2016 Shiro Nabi
c.42 September 3, 2016 Shiro Nabi

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