Beast of East


A thousand years before Christ, the last king of an ancient dynasty was seduced by a fox spirit that caused chaos in his land and drove his people to despair, before she killed the king and was finally sealed by an exorcist. During the Heian Period that golden-haired, nine-tailed vixen, known as Daji in China and Kayo in India, reappeared in Japan...In Kyoto, misfortune befalls Mikuzu's family after her father nearly shoots a fox with an arrow. Now Mikuzu, with the help of her neighbour and a childhood friend Oniomaru, is looking for a way to cure him. But once the fox spirit abducts Mikuzu, meaning to recommence her misadventures in a new incarnation, the battle to save the girl and to restore the seal begins.

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v.01 c.02 July 31, 2017 Sense-Scans
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c.1.1 August 24, 2016 Sense-Scans
c.01 August 17, 2016 Sense-Scans
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