Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Harlock


"I fight only for what I believe in...for no one's sake...only for what's deep in my heart. I sail amongst the stars...people call me: Captain Harlock."Truer words never spoken. Now! Embark upon an adventure into the infinite sea with the last brave souls of humanity aboard the Arcadia!

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v.03 February 6, 2014 Gantz_Waitingroom, HappyScans!
v.02 February 25, 2012 Offtopia
v.01 June 16, 2011 Offtopia
v.01 c.02 January 29, 2011 The Rabbit Reich
v.01 c.01 December 18, 2010 The Rabbit Reich
v.01 c.01 April 27, 2009 Harroku Scans

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