Alternative world where Japanese culture kept its ground to this day and further. Protagonist, a female entertainer typical to Japanese traditional customs, finds herself swept into the world oh so familiar, and yet so different from the one she lived in so far.... a world where she has to fight to survive.

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c.13 July 31, 2014 Mochi Casino
c.12 July 31, 2014 Mochi Casino
c.11 July 31, 2014 Mochi Casino
c.10 December 25, 2012 Death Toll
c.09 October 7, 2012 Death Toll
c.08 September 20, 2012 Death Toll
c.07 July 8, 2012 Death Toll
c.06b May 13, 2012 Death Toll
c.06a May 6, 2012 Death Toll
c.05 April 9, 2012 Death Toll

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