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The demon queen subdued enormous and powerful monsters and slaughtered over half of the world's population. Surviving members of the human race elected a hero to slay the demon queen, beseeching release from her oppressive rule. However, he questions his mission to eradicate the monsters: in his opinion, they too are conscious and alive, and so he anguishes over that fact. Sheila the Demon Queen became interested in him and decides to join his journey, hiding her identity and planning to kill him after she has gained his trust. Immediately, however, she realizes that she's fallen in love with the hero, and hence their journey begins...

Latest Releases

v.02 June 6, 2010 ENXAME
v.09 c.01b December 27, 2009 Bushido Angels
v.09 November 15, 2009 ENXAME
v.09 c.01a October 6, 2009 Bushido Angels
v.08 c.03b September 12, 2009 Bushido Angels
v.08 c.03a September 9, 2009 Bushido Angels
v.08 c.02b August 3, 2009 Bushido Angels
v.08 c.02a June 7, 2009 Bushido Angels
v.08 c.01 March 20, 2009 Bushido Angels
v.08 c.01 (v2) February 20, 2009 Superior Scans

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