Ballroom e Youkoso


An ordinary middle school student, Fujita Tatara couldn't find any objective in life and spent his days idly. One day, a group of delinquents picks a fight with him and he is saved by a mysterious man.After that, the man surprisingly takes him to a ballroom dancing class. While being inspired by a girl dancer who goes to that school, Hanaoka Shizuku, and her partner, a genius dancer, Hyoudou Kiyoharu, Tatara starts dedicating his youth to dancesport.Note: 6th and 8th Manga Taisho Award nominee.

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v.10 c.46.5 April 30, 2018 /a/nonymous
v.10 c.46 January 8, 2018 /a/nonymous
v.10 c.45 (v2) November 12, 2017 /a/nonymous
c.45 October 14, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.10 c.44 September 17, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.10 c.43 August 12, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.10 c.42 July 10, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.10 c.42 July 10, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.09 c.46 April 16, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.09 c.45 March 12, 2017 /a/nonymous

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