Takeo-chan Bukkairoku


Takeo, the most unfortunate girl in the universe, pulls on her usual protective gear and goes to her first day at her new school. Having decided to give her parents some relief by living on her own, she ends up, due to a per-usually unfortunate housing mix-up, moving into an inn called Hyakkisou (the Manor of 100 Demons). The life of the young Takeo—or is it Take-woe?—will begin to change the day she sees the youkai... and vice versa. Affectionately set in an everyday modern Japan with a Hellish war lurking in the background and high-school acceptance issues in the fore, the characters, setting, art and plot all make this story well worth crossing the threshold of Hyakkisou!

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v.07 c.35 March 10, 2017 Habanero Scans
v.07 c.34 February 23, 2017 Habanero Scans
v.07 c.33 February 11, 2017 Habanero Scans
v.07 c.32 January 29, 2017 Habanero Scans
v.07 c.31 January 15, 2017 Habanero Scans
v.06 c.30 January 1, 2017 Habanero Scans
v.06 c.29 December 17, 2016 Habanero Scans
v.06 c.28 December 1, 2016 Habanero Scans
v.05 c.27 November 19, 2016 Habanero Scans
v.05 c.26 November 6, 2016 Habanero Scans

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