2011 Mystery Fragments


A collection of ghost stories all meant to send a chill down your spine.1) Research (HWANG Joon-Ho/YEON Je-Won)2) Lovers (HWANG Joon-Ho)3) The Profile (Lee Seung Chan)4) The Maze (TGM/Linda (린다))5) Ok-su Station Ghost by HORANGA guy is waiting for the train at night when he notices a women hammered and staggering around on the platform...It was officially translated in English by Naver here6) The Spider and The Mantis (KIM Eun-hyo/KIM Yeong-ji)7) The Nightmare (ImInSu/SONG Rae-hyeon)8) A Bathroom Tale (Hwang Youngchan)9,10) The Moon Below (Yuria)11) First Acquaintances (Lee Seung Chan)12) The Visitor (Mirchi)13) Insomnia (Go Ara/YEON Je-Won)14) 04 : 44 (CHOI Yoon-Jin)15) A Summer Ghost (SIU/Kang Im)16,17) Tatoo (YU Sang-Mo) - not translated18,19) A Tale of Cat and Mouth (Hye Jin Yang)20) Bongcheon-Dong Ghost (Bongcheon District Ghost) by HORANGA girl is going home after night study at school and meets something unusual.It was officially translated in English by Naver here.21) How to see a ghost by Lee Seung Chan (Original Webtoon)22) Mosquitoes (HWANG Joon-Ho)23) At Our House (Sael Bi)24/25) Beneath the Glass (Jude Friday)26) The Author (YEON Je-Won)27) A Ghost Photograph (Oh Chang-ho) - not translated28) The Guest House (Radiya)29) AuthorExtermination (Kkomabi) - not translatedOriginal Webcomic / English Version by Naver

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