Seikai no Monshou (YONEMURA Kouichirou)


Planet Martine is suddenly attacked! The alien invaders are known as the Abh. They are of human origin, but have been genetically modified so that each Abh has superior talent, skill, beauty, and longevity. Martine's president surrenders completely in the face of the Abh's awesome military power. Through a bizarre twist of fate, his son Jinto becomes a nobleman in the Abh's vast, intergalactic empire.

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v.03 c.14 July 23, 2018 Nayuki_Love
v.03 c.13 February 26, 2018 Nayuki_Love
v.03 c.12 December 25, 2017 Nayuki_Love
v.03 c.11 November 9, 2017 Nayuki_Love
v.02 c.10 October 6, 2017 Nayuki_Love
v.02 c.09 August 24, 2017 Nayuki_Love
v.02 c.08 June 27, 2017 Nayuki_Love
v.02 c.07 May 15, 2017 Nayuki_Love
v.02 c.06 April 2, 2017 Nayuki_Love
v.01 c.05 March 14, 2017 Nayuki_Love

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