Shin Seitokai no Ichizon

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A year has passed since the previous Student Council members have moved on. Now Ken, who's still the Student Council Vice President, has to struggle to get the unwilling new members to assimilate into the Student Council, while learning about each of their past.

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v.03 c.13 February 3, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.03 c.12 January 1, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.03 c.11 December 3, 2016 /a/nonymous
v.03 c.10 November 2, 2016 /a/nonymous
v.02 c.09 September 28, 2016 /a/nonymous
v.02 c.08 September 27, 2016 /a/nonymous
v.02 c.07 August 29, 2016 /a/nonymous
v.02 c.06 August 5, 2016 /a/nonymous
v.02 c.05 July 31, 2016 /a/nonymous
v.01 c.04 July 21, 2016 /a/nonymous

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