Haru no Nioi



From Girls' Generation Scanlations:"Please make me a bouquet, I’ll leave the choice up to you.”With a beautiful face and delicate body… Every month on the same day he visits my shop. Who on earth does he send those flowers to? Should I muster my courage and talk to him? Would it be weird to talk to him after all this time? Guided by the scent of spring, the bud inside their hearts blossoms…Other than the main story, there’s also an anguishing sweet love story of a 17 year old… in which his delusion will explode?!Extras also included!English publication via Renta!

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v.01 c.04 July 11, 2018 Nexus Scanlations
v.01 c.03 May 27, 2018 Nexus Scanlations
v.01 c.02 September 7, 2017 Nexus Scanlations
v.01 c.01 April 1, 2015 Girls' Generation Scanlations

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