Kuro no Tantei


From MangaHelpers:Kuroba Yo is a sadistic detective who enjoys nothing more than destroying his targets emotionally and psychologically through his deductive reasoning. Toiro Arata is a naive and slightly masochistic boy who gets duped by Yo into becoming his assistant, or slave. These two team up to become the "Black & White" detective, solving crimes and chasing after criminals.

Latest Releases

v.07 Omake March 8, 2017 Träumerei Scans
v.07 c.30 January 16, 2017 Träumerei Scans
v.07 c.29 December 17, 2016 Träumerei Scans
v.07 c.28 November 16, 2016 Träumerei Scans
v.07 c.27 April 6, 2016 Träumerei Scans
v.07 c.26 March 9, 2016 Träumerei Scans
c.25 January 13, 2016 Träumerei Scans
v.06 c.24 September 22, 2015 Träumerei Scans
v.06 c.23 August 20, 2015 Träumerei Scans
v.06 c.22 August 4, 2015 Träumerei Scans

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