Is there someone whom you desperately wish to see dead? If you want your enemies and rivals eliminated, free-of-charge and with no possibility of the crime being traced back to you, all you need to do is leave a message for "Usobuki Tadashi" in a certain telephone booth at a certain park.Soon afterwards, a black-suited man with crimson eyes as cold as a frozen lake will meet with you and confirm the target. He cannot be prosecuted, for he kills through the power of suggestion and the clever arrangement of events. He will accept any request: regardless of whether the target is saint or sinner, and no matter how foolish, cruel or misguided the client... All with a mocking smile on his face that belies his quiet amusement in the face of humankind's never-ending folly.

Latest Releases

v.03 c.20 August 16, 2018 Death Toll
v.03 c.19 August 16, 2018 Death Toll
v.03 c.18 July 26, 2018 Death Toll
v.03 c.17 July 18, 2018 Death Toll
v.03 c.16 July 16, 2018 Death Toll
v.03 c.15 May 16, 2018 Death Toll
v.03 c.14 March 25, 2018 Death Toll
v.02 c.13 December 14, 2017 Death Toll
v.02 c.12 December 8, 2017 Death Toll
v.02 c.11 December 7, 2017 Death Toll

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